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February 1, 2018 civiccouch

In this episode of “Swell Stories” we cover the swell that hit us this week. Typical South Bay swell with 1 good wave for every 10 but it was great to see waves with punch again! Surfers include: Alex Gray , Andy Prunauer, Angelo Luhrsen,Easton Jones, Cheyne Magnusson, Matt Meistrell, Noah Collins, Steve Howe, Wil Reid, Andre Anorga and others. Thanks to Manhattan Beach Toyota for their continued support. This was produced by Civic Couch productions and narrated by Brad Jacobson

February 10, 2017 civiccouch0

Rainy Swell brings fun waves to the South Bay
Another fun swell hits the South Bay but brings rain with it. This swell packed a wedgy, board snapping punch to most South Bay beaches. The direction of this swell was a bit weird, closing out most of the popular breaks and bringing waves where they rarely break. The weather brought fog and rain making it tricky to shoot.  

January 27, 2017 civiccouch0

It’s been a while since the South Bay has received a solid swell.  Normally the winter season provides the South Bay with plenty of big surf, but this winter has been off to a slow start until this most recent swell.  

These clips were shot on January 24, 2017 in Redondo Beach.  Surfers include: Jalian Johnson, Andre Anorga, Chris Brown, Kris Hall, Chris Frohoff, Noah Collins and others.

January 14, 2017 civiccouch0

This is the South Bay. This stretch of beach is known for its million dollar homes, beautiful people, beach volleyball and surfing.
The South Bay consists of fickle surf spots. A slight change in the swell or wind direction can bring perfection or chaos. On any given big swell, one beach may be unruly and closed out while a break less than a mile away can produce a surfer’s dream.
As surfers, we are attracted to these waves during this time of year, and this winter was special, an El Nino Winter. I spent November through March… Chasing El Nino.

Narrated by Brad Jacobson

November 15, 2016 civiccouch0

Our second swell of the winter season hit with a little more shape. The first swell which came early November was mainly all closed out waves. This one had more corners although it was far from “great”.
Surfers include: Matt Pagan, Noah Collins, Cody Purcell and others.

June 23, 2016 civiccouch0

Civic Couch went behind the scenes with the Goodyear Blimp

The Goodyear Blimp “Spirit of Innovation” recently celebrated it’s 10 year milestone of it’s christening at it’s Carson home. Chances are you’ve seen the Goodyear blimp flying over the South Bay. We wanted to get more information about the Goodyear and their airships. Spirit of Innovation will remain in California through late 2017, when it will be retired and replaced by Wingfoot Two.
Senior pilot William Bayliss with the Goodyear Airship Operations explains the “Spirit of Innovation”.