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February 1, 2018 civiccouch

In this episode of “Swell Stories” we cover the swell that hit us this week. Typical South Bay swell with 1 good wave for every 10 but it was great to see waves with punch again! Surfers include: Alex Gray , Andy Prunauer, Angelo Luhrsen,Easton Jones, Cheyne Magnusson, Matt Meistrell, Noah Collins, Steve Howe, Wil Reid, Andre Anorga and others. Thanks to Manhattan Beach Toyota for their continued support. This was produced by Civic Couch productions and narrated by Brad Jacobson

June 19, 2014 civiccouch0

A long awaited surf swell hit the South Bay area of Los Angeles at the beginning of March bringing us some of the biggest surf seen in years.  Alex Gray, Timmy Reyes, Conor Beatty, Chris Wells, Marcelo Malinco, Greg Browning, Matt Walls, Natalie Anzivino and others were out charging.

June 18, 2014 civiccouch0

Body Glove held a photoshoot with Jamie O’Brien, Alex Gray, Nate Yeomans, Cheyne Magnusson and Matt Pagan for their new line of wetsuits. The shoot took place in Redondo Beach.

It is this history of innovation and love of the ocean that challenges Body Glove to make products fitting every waterman’s needs. Body Glove is proud to be one of the last family owned dive / surf businesses and pledges to continually build products that enhance and protect us both above and below the water’s surface.