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February 1, 2018 civiccouch

Sea Change Restaurant in the Redondo Beach Riviera

The restaurant that started fine dining in the South Bay (Chez Melange) has now reinvented itself as Sea Change. Steve Napolitano discusses the change with owner Michael Franks and certified sommelier Stryker Rearick. Thanks to Manhattan Beach Toyota for their continued support of Civic Couch. Produced by Civic Couch

February 1, 2018 civiccouch

In this episode of “Swell Stories” we cover the swell that hit us this week. Typical South Bay swell with 1 good wave for every 10 but it was great to see waves with punch again! Surfers include: Alex Gray , Andy Prunauer, Angelo Luhrsen,Easton Jones, Cheyne Magnusson, Matt Meistrell, Noah Collins, Steve Howe, Wil Reid, Andre Anorga and others. Thanks to Manhattan Beach Toyota for their continued support. This was produced by Civic Couch productions and narrated by Brad Jacobson

November 23, 2017 civiccouch

Casa Playa Restaurant in Redondo Beach

Imagine going to a restaurant as a kid, loving it so much that you buy it when you’re older! That’s exactly what Dave DahDah did with Casa Playa and he sits down with host Steve Napolitano in this episode of Talk About LA’s 2 Minute Review produced by Civic Couch.

October 21, 2017 civiccouch0

The South Bay is very photogenic and our friend Richard Podgurski Jr. does an incredible job capturing beautiful images from both the land and air across Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and the rest of the South Bay.  We caught up with Richard to find out more about both his personal and business interest.  

This video was produced by Civic Couch and sponsored by Manhattan Beach Toyota