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April 18, 2017 civiccouch0

An early April swell hit El Porto in Manhattan Beach and brought waist to overhead waves with it.  El Porto, know for having it’s fair share of closeouts, handled the swell well offering Olamana Eleogram, Dane Zaun, Kelly Zaun, Mike Edwards, Derek Brewer, Keith Brewer, Richard Silva and others some fun waves.

December 1, 2015 civiccouch1

Lined up closeout waves hit Manhattan Beach on Tuesday December first as a head high plus swell made it’s way into the South Bay.  Noah Collins, Wil Reid, Chris Wells, Easton Jones, Flavio Pires and others make the best of the early December swell.

Because Manhattan Beach has not had many sizable swells yet this winter, there are no sand bars to help with the shape.  The forecast shows a bigger swell headed our way.  Fingers crossed that this next one will produce sizable waves with good shape.


November 2, 2015 civiccouch0

Everything from calm playful waves to crazy wind battered waves are featured in our new episode featuring last weeks swell in the South Bay.

Civic Couch produced a short visual story about a swell that made it’s way into the South Bay region of Los Angeles for a few days in late October, 2015. The waves did not pan out as expected but it still provided South Bay surfers with some fun waist to head high surf. Surfers include: Noah Collins, Wil Reid, Dane and Kelly Zaun, Marc Jiminez, Cheyne Magnusson and others.

July 9, 2014 civiccouch0

We headed down South to Orange County for a new south swell on July 7th.  The Wedge, located in Orange County, provided an exciting show for the onlookers lining the beach.  Surfers, bodyboarders, skimboarders and body surfers attacked the south swell that arrived in Orange County early July.  While it’s not the biggest swell that has hit the wedge, there were a few decent sized sets that rolled through.

The waves at the Wedge are world renouned and are incredibly dangerous.  The waves literally wedge up from the jetty and form a huge peak, breaking very close to the shore.  It breaks biggest when a Southern Hemisphere storm send their energy from the SSW direction.