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April 18, 2017 civiccouch0

An early April swell hit El Porto in Manhattan Beach and brought waist to overhead waves with it.  El Porto, know for having it’s fair share of closeouts, handled the swell well offering Olamana Eleogram, Dane Zaun, Kelly Zaun, Mike Edwards, Derek Brewer, Keith Brewer, Richard Silva and others some fun waves.

January 20, 2016 civiccouch0

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Civic Couch is documenting the 2015-2016 El Nino Surf season through separate volumes shot across Southern California. Volume 1 was shot between January 6 through the 11th. This is the first volume and features surfers: Matt Pagan, Matt Mohegan, Angelo and Michael Luhrsen, Conor Beatty, Cheyne Magnusson, Derek Peters, Chris Wells, Damian Fahrenfort, Noah Collins, Leila Hurst, Kenny Brechtelsbauer, Richard Silva, Derek Brewer, John Gilmore and others.
The video was produced by Brad Jacobson for Civic Couch

December 1, 2015 civiccouch1

Lined up closeout waves hit Manhattan Beach on Tuesday December first as a head high plus swell made it’s way into the South Bay.  Noah Collins, Wil Reid, Chris Wells, Easton Jones, Flavio Pires and others make the best of the early December swell.

Because Manhattan Beach has not had many sizable swells yet this winter, there are no sand bars to help with the shape.  The forecast shows a bigger swell headed our way.  Fingers crossed that this next one will produce sizable waves with good shape.


November 10, 2015 civiccouch0

It’s that special time of year in the South Bay. Golden afternoons and windy days. Civic Couch shares some of the sights around the South Bay beaches during late October.  Locations include El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.

October 22, 2015 civiccouch0

It wasn’t the first swell of the winter season to hit the South Bay but it was the first to pack the line up with local talent.  The October swell brought waist to head high surf to El Porto Beach in Manhattan Beach.  With the news of an el Nino winter, local surfers are sharpening their blades with these early swells. Surfers include: Dane Zaun, Tyler Hatzikian, Noah Collins, Chris Wells, Pat Murphy, Scott Johnsen and others.


June 29, 2015 civiccouch0

Local surfers cleaned the cobwebs off their boards for a small south swell which worked its way into the South Bay and the El Porto area of Manhattan Beach seemed to have the best size and shape.  Dane Zaun, Kyle Brown, Tommy Ostendorf, Scott Johnsen, Noah Collins, Brandon Wasserman, Tyler Hatzikian, Chris Wells and others took out some aggression on the knee to chest high waves.  Here at the Civic Couch show we hope for a few more of these swells sneaking into the South Bay this summer, pickers can’t be choosers but we’d love to have a little more size next time  🙂

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April 16, 2015 civiccouch0

Welcome to North Manhattan Beach, more commonly known as El Porto.  This section of Manhattan Beach is located 3 miles south of LAX.

The main road through El Porto is Highland ave.  Highland Ave is lined with quaint-small town stores, restaurants with outdoor patios, vibrant bars, hotels, gyms, laundromats, spas and liquor stores.

Take a downhill walk west from Highland and you will end up on the strand.  In this part of Manhattan Beach the strand is separated into two paths, one for bikes and one for walkers.  The bike path is located right against the sand.  This stretch of beach is home to world class volleyball, great surfing and a cafe located right on the sand.

The El Porto / north Manhattan Beach real estate ranges from older-rustic homes to the more modern beach front mansions.  El Porto has it’s own charm, making it stand out amongst the other south bay neighborhoods.