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January 28, 2016 civiccouch0

In this new series by Civic Couch, we share different scenes from across the South Bay including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo and Torrance. There is always something scenic in the South Bay, and we will be sharing these scenic areas with our viewers through the eyes of our lenses.
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January 20, 2016 civiccouch0

The South Bay is know for it’s block long closeouts.  Once or twice a year a swell comes along and produces legitimate waves.  This day saw one of those swells. Surfers include: Conor Beatty, Bryce Lowe-White, Matt Hinson, Chris Wells, Chris Frohoff, Andy Prunauer, Easton Jones, Kyle Brown and others.  We hope this is a sign of a great El Nino winter!

Video produced by Brad Jacobson for Civic Couch.

December 11, 2015 civiccouch0

A Civic Couch Film

A second swell hit the South Bay fresh on the heels of a larger swell just days before this. While this one didn’t pack the same size, it still produced fun chest to well overhead waves. Surfers featured are Daniel D’Castillo, Michael Luhrsen, Dane Zaun, Chris Wells, Bruna Schmitz, Greg Browning, Scott Johnsen, Bobby Kithcart, Rich Silva and others.
Music by : Revolution Void and Moon Veil

November 6, 2015 civiccouch0

Los Angeles woke up from it’s summer long hangover in early November with spitting barrels.

Civic Couch grabbed this surfing footage from one day (November 4 ) in the South Bay region of Los Angeles. Waves in the head high plus range came through with some force as local surfers managed to drive through in and out barrels all morning.  Surfers include: Noah Collins, Steve Howe, Vinny Leonelli, Chris Wells, Wil Reid,Brian Woods, Andy Prunauer, Bryce Lowe-White, Pat Webber, Greg Browning, Matt Meistrell, Will Borzi and others.

November 2, 2015 civiccouch0

Everything from calm playful waves to crazy wind battered waves are featured in our new episode featuring last weeks swell in the South Bay.

Civic Couch produced a short visual story about a swell that made it’s way into the South Bay region of Los Angeles for a few days in late October, 2015. The waves did not pan out as expected but it still provided South Bay surfers with some fun waist to head high surf. Surfers include: Noah Collins, Wil Reid, Dane and Kelly Zaun, Marc Jiminez, Cheyne Magnusson and others.

January 26, 2015 civiccouch0

We grabbed a few clips of Tyler Hatzikian, Dane Zaun, Chris Broman, Hunter Jones, Mike Edwards, Easton Jones, Charles McMahon, Tom Seth, Bob Kithcart an others while waiting (with fingers crossed) for a strong Northwest swell to hit the Los Angeles area. This was shot June 18th and 19th in El Porto, Manhattan Beach.

January 26, 2015 civiccouch0

After weeks of meager surf, the South Bay received some energy in the form of a North West groundswell with more expected over the next week.  This video was shot on the morning of January 14th and includes Matt Mohagen, Jake Kbaum, Chris Frohoff, Chris Broman and others.  The video was shot and produced by Brad Jacobson.

January 3, 2015 civiccouch0

Video and photos from different places and events across the South Bay in 2014.  We added a few from The Los Angeles Kings Parade, White Light White Night, Great White Sharks in Manhattan Beach, The Meistrells Statue, Earth Day, Holiday fireworks, Big Waves, Redondo Beach Parades and Festivals, Jimmy Buffett concert and more.