Chasing Lions, a recap of the 2018-2019 Surf Season in Los Angeles

The 2018-2019 Surf season in the South Bay region of Los Angeles came is like a lion but unfortunately left quickly like a lamb. This is Civic Couch’s featured film about the chase. Spoiled with great waves at the beginning of the season, we were left chasing those “lion-like” swells through the rest of the season. Natalie Soderstrom, Chris Wells and Brad Jacobson lead the semi fictionalized story featuring surfers Alex Fry, Angelo Luhrsen, Keith and Derek Brewer, Chad Parks, Damien Fahrenfort, Dane Zaun, David Do Carmo, Hunter Jones, Juliano Uzuelli, Kokoro Tomatsuri, Kris Hall, Matt Mohagen, Megan Seth, Mike Edwards, Nic Lamb, Noah Collins, Parker Browning, Pat Murphy, Patrick Miller, Pat Webber, Ryan Boyd, Tim Laney, Tito Bourget, Trevor LeShure, Tyler Hatzikian, Wil Reid, Will Borzi and Zach Rosenburg. Special thanks to Dominik Roblewski for the drone footage and JP Cordero for studio videography This video is made possible through the support of Manhattan Beach Toyota.

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