Surfing Contest in costumes for the Scare and Tear in Manhattan Beach

A haunting happened on the south side of the Manhattan Beach Pier in chest to high head surf on Sunday. Good corners and glassy conditions with light wind kept the spooks and goblins at bay all day at 2016’s Spyder Surf Scare and Tear Halloween surf contest. 

“The Scare and Tear was started back in 2005 by Charlie Ninegar to honor Mira Costa Student Adam Frand and continues today in his honor,” said Spyder Surf’s Master of Horror Richard “The Ripper” O’Reilly. “It’s the most photogenic surf contest of the year. The Costumes were fantastic.”

Based on a sinful criteria of 50% costume and 50% wave slashing, the creepy contest brought out all the ghouls for a spook-tacular time.
All photos by Brad Jacobson