Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and others at the 2015 BNP Open in Indian Wells (photos)

by Brad Jacobson

I made my way to Indian Wells for the 2015 BNP Paribas Tennis Open on Friday March 20th for the final weekend of the tournament.  The tournament ran from March 9 through the 22nd and featured most of the top players in the world. This year marked the 40th anniversary for the tournament and set a record attendance of 456,672 fans.

I consider myself an avid tennis fan and have travelled numerous times to New York to watch the US Open of tennis.  The US Open is one of four “majors” of the ATP tour and is the only one in the States.  It is a larger event, with last years attendance at 713,642.  I like the Indian Wells event better.  It’s much easier to get to.  The crowds are smaller. The stadiums are smaller which gives each seat a great view no matter where you are.

There is more to do than watch tennis.  The grounds feature stores, restaurants, bars, live music and more.  I have gone three different years now and have had a blast every time.