Chasing El Nino Episode 3 Civic Couch

Chasing El Nino Episode 3

This is Civic Couch’s third episode in our series “chasing el nino” presented by Manhattan Beach Toyota and the Easy Reader. It was filmed during the last half of January, 2016 by Civic Couch. This winter has seen some excellent surf, and this episode is packed with local talent showcasing their skills.
In Chasing El Nino, we document what the El Nino winter means for surfers, our beaches and surrounding areas. At the end of the surf season we will be combining the best clips for a full length movie.
This episode was shot completely in the South Bay cities including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo. Surfers include: Tyler Hatzikian, Mitch Crews, Matt Pagan, Dane Zaun, Bruna Schmitz, Tracey Meistrell, Lelia Hurst, Noah Collins, Kyle Brown,Tom Seth, Wil Reid, Chris Wells, Jamie Meistrell, Jani Lange and others

This was filmed and edited by Brad Jacobson for Civic Couch