A Great Day of Surfing Featured in Episode 4 of Chasing El Nino

Civic Couch feature series Chasing El Nino surfing series presented by Easy Reader and Manhattan Beach Toyota.
In Chasing El Nino, we document what the El Nino winter means for surfers, our beaches and surrounding areas.  At the end of the surf season we will be combining the best clips for a full length movie.

This is our most unique episode yet. This entire episode was shot in one, memorable day. February 5, 2016 brought big waves and good to great shape. Matt Meistrell, Chris Wells, Dane Zaun, Scott Johnsen, Chris Frohoff, Steve Howe, Jamie Meistrell, Randy Meistrell, Chris Rodriguez, Matt Pagan and others were on hand enjoying this unpredicted swell.
Music (in order) At the foot of the Sphinx – Twin Musicom, Barge- Gunnar Olsen, Cold Killa- MK2, Friction Looks- Silent Partner