The Local Yolk in Manhattan Beach

I recently shot a visited and shot a few pics of the Local Yolk in Manhattan Beach for the Easy Reader News.  This restaurant has been a long time favorite of locals.  I’ve heard numerous stories about how great it is but I’ve never been.  This shoot offered me an excellent opportunity to go.  It’s a cute diner style restaurant including counter top seating.  I wasn’t hungry but had to try the vegetarian jalapeno hash blended cheese.  I have never considered adding jalapeno’s to my potatoes but it was awesome.  The staff was really good and I was surprised to find that most have worked there work a long time.  Check it out for yourself.  They are located at: 3414 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach.  They are open daily from 6:30am -2:30pm but be prepared to search for metered parking.

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