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November 9, 2015 civiccouch0

For this episode of the Civic Couch Show we sit down with world renown stand up paddler Slater Trout.

Growing up Slater Trout’s life was based around the water. At the age of 11, Slater chose to forge his own path through the young and fresh sport of Stand Up Paddling. By doing so he found himself competing and succeeding against athletes mostly double his age. While traveling for SUP Races / Surf competitions around the world, he developed his passion for photography. As his photography portfolio is growing, he hopes that each of his photos will inspire and invite you to experience the world through his eyes. Whether Slater is competing for a Stand Up Paddling World Title or documenting his life through photography, he is always excited for the next journey.

November 2, 2015 civiccouch0

Everything from calm playful waves to crazy wind battered waves are featured in our new episode featuring last weeks swell in the South Bay.

Civic Couch produced a short visual story about a swell that made it’s way into the South Bay region of Los Angeles for a few days in late October, 2015. The waves did not pan out as expected but it still provided South Bay surfers with some fun waist to head high surf. Surfers include: Noah Collins, Wil Reid, Dane and Kelly Zaun, Marc Jiminez, Cheyne Magnusson and others.

August 12, 2015 civiccouch0

Why you should visit downtown El Segundo..

The downtown commercial district of El Segundo has a small town feel that is hard to find anywhere else in the South Bay.  Diner/cafe’s, locally owned restaurants, farmers markets, historic theater and more make up this districts core.  Did I mention there’s a ton of free parking? Follow Civic Couch on this tour of downtown El Segundo.

July 24, 2015 civiccouch0

By Brad Jacobson

Shaping the South Bay one board at a time

Wayne Okamoto has been shaping surfboards here in the South Bay for over 30 years.  “It seems like every surfer in the South Bay has been on an Oaks board at some point” stated Chris Wells.  Wayne shapes boards in a quiet industrial park on Manhattan Beach Blvd., which is where we sat down with him to discuss his shaping past and future for this edition on the Civic Couch Show.


July 9, 2015 civiccouch0

The last few weeks have been tough, small waves and gloomy weather.  Most South Bay surfers peaked interest when there was finally a swell showing on the reports.  Nothing great, but at least it was promising.  The Civic Couch show cruised down to the Manhattan Beach pier on July 8th and caught Bobby Kithcart, Noah Collins, Chris Wells, Kyle Brown, Hudson Ritchie and others frothing for waist to head high surf on a gloomy July day.



June 29, 2015 civiccouch0

Local surfers cleaned the cobwebs off their boards for a small south swell which worked its way into the South Bay and the El Porto area of Manhattan Beach seemed to have the best size and shape.  Dane Zaun, Kyle Brown, Tommy Ostendorf, Scott Johnsen, Noah Collins, Brandon Wasserman, Tyler Hatzikian, Chris Wells and others took out some aggression on the knee to chest high waves.  Here at the Civic Couch show we hope for a few more of these swells sneaking into the South Bay this summer, pickers can’t be choosers but we’d love to have a little more size next time  🙂

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June 23, 2015 civiccouch0

Here at the Civic Couch Show we have noticed a lot of social media post regarding the new Redondo Beach Bike path so we went out to explore it.  We were impressed at first.  Biker, skaters, rollerbladers and joggers all taking advantage of the new path separated from the auto lanes.  We were surprised when we stopped in at the Marina Bike Rentals to get their observation on the new path.  They showed us concerning video of the intersection directly in front of their business.  Car jumping curbs on to the bike path?  I didn’t believe it until I saw it myself.  I hear things have gotten better since the city added a painted curb and orange cones.


June 17, 2015 civiccouch0

By Brad Jacobson

The Civic Couch Show brings you another restaurant view, this time we take a look at Lou’s on the Hill in Torrance.

Just as you begin to drive up the hill on Hawthorne Blvd you will see Lou’s on the left side of the street.  I was there on a shoot for the Easy Reader Newspaper.  I met Lou Giovannetti, the owner of Lou’s, on a video that the Civic Couch Show produced for the closing of the Side Bar so I was interested to see what he had produced.  Immediatley upon walking in I was impressed.  I like the use of wood floors and matching wood tables, large bar and lighting.  Each table has enough room so you’re not shoulder to should with the people at the next table.  I also like the use of natural light, not overpowering.  Please keep in mind that this is not a food review (I did not try the food), just giving you a view of the restaurant.  I did run into some friends there and they raved about the food.

Lou’s on the Hill interior

The manager of Lou’s on the Hill (CJ Manning) greeted me at the door and was very pleasant.  He gave me a quick tour and even showed me one of their dishes (as seen in the photo below).

Lou’s manager CJ Manning with a 24 month cured prosciutto
Brick oven in Lou’s Kitchen



Lou’s on the Hill drink menu offers some unique options, something for everyone.



Another angle of the interior.

Lou’s on the Hill is open for lunch M-F from 11:30 – 2:30 and dinner is served from 5-11pm M-Sat.  They are closed on Sunday.  They also have live music on certain nights.  Click here to view the times and dates.