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February 1, 2018 civiccouch

In this episode of “Swell Stories” we cover the swell that hit us this week. Typical South Bay swell with 1 good wave for every 10 but it was great to see waves with punch again! Surfers include: Alex Gray , Andy Prunauer, Angelo Luhrsen,Easton Jones, Cheyne Magnusson, Matt Meistrell, Noah Collins, Steve Howe, Wil Reid, Andre Anorga and others. Thanks to Manhattan Beach Toyota for their continued support. This was produced by Civic Couch productions and narrated by Brad Jacobson

December 21, 2017 civiccouch

Ponchos Mexican Restaurant in Manhattan Beach

You’ve had one (or maybe two) of their margaritas right?? Pancho’s owner E. Abbott Lawrence and his family took ownership in May 1976 and have been a South Bay “must try” ever since. With its expansive, authentic Mexican menu and delicious hand-made margaritas, Pancho‚Äôs quickly became a South Bay landmark. Steve Napolitano interviews owner Abbott Lawrence to talk about the history, menu and of course those famous margaritas! Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant is located in Manhattan Beach. This video was produced by Civic Couch

December 17, 2017 civiccouch

Cafe Wild Restaurant in Manhattan Beach

Taking over where Four Daughter left off is the Cafe Wild restaurant and our feature for this episode of our Two Minute Review. Host Steve Napolitano discusses the new menu, atmosphere and more with partners in life and business Erin and Phil Shipley. This video was produced by Civic Couch.

December 16, 2017 civiccouch

The Original Ragin Cajun in Hermosa Beach

Are you ready for a taste of the Bayou Country? This one is about family, friends and fantastic cajun food at the Original Ragin Cajun in Hermosa Beach. Steve sits down with the always entertaining owner of Ragin Cajun, Stephen Domingue to discuss his authentic Cajun restaurant and coming back to Hermosa Beach. This video was produced by Civic Couch. 

November 28, 2017 civiccouch

Mama D’s Italian Restaurant in Manhattan Beach

Since the day they first opened, Mama D’s has always made customer experience their #1 priority, from starting a trend of passing out free bread to people waiting for a table, to having crayons and coloring books for the kids, to providing great, affordable, homestyle Italian dishes that everyone loves, it’s really become an institution in downtown MB. Eat local, go home happy! This video was produced by Civic Couch with support from Manhattan Beach Toyota. 

November 24, 2017 civiccouch

Les P’tits Bretons French Restaurant in Manhattan Beach

Steve predicts this will be one of the best restaurants in the South Bay! Located on the corner of Highland and Marine in Manhattan Beach, Les P’Tits Bretons is a hidden gem and an incredible French experience you must try. These videos are made possible by the proud support of Manhattan Beach Toyota. Hosted by Steve Napolitano and produced by Brad Jacobson for Civic Couch

November 23, 2017 civiccouch

Hermosa Fish Shop in Hermosa Beach

Great, healthy, affordable food and a casual environment sums up this 2 Minute review of the Hermosa Fish Shop. Steve Napolitano sits down with Hermosa Fish Shop owner and KTLA anchor Vera Jimenez to discuss the menu, drinks and atmosphere. Thanks to Manhattan Beach Toyota for proudly supporting us. Produced by Civic Couch for Talk About LA


November 23, 2017 civiccouch

Casa Playa Restaurant in Redondo Beach

Imagine going to a restaurant as a kid, loving it so much that you buy it when you’re older! That’s exactly what Dave DahDah did with Casa Playa and he sits down with host Steve Napolitano in this episode of Talk About LA’s 2 Minute Review produced by Civic Couch.