Redondo Beach King Harbor Boat Parade (Photos)

The Redondo Beach / King Harbor Boat Parade floated holiday cheer on Saturday, December 12th, 2015.  The King Harbor Yacht Club held a party during and after the event offering drinks, dancing and awards presided over by Grand Marshall Denise Austin.

This year’s winners, by category:

Sweepstakes: The Voyager, skippered by Julie Coll

Execution of Theme: Mistral, skippered by Ian Bardin

Best Power Boat more than 32 feet: Flying Finn 2, skippered by Greg Ronkainen

Best Power Boat less than 32 feet: Egg Cessive, skippered by Paul Gillett

Best Sail Boat more than 32 feet: Sea Casa, skippered by Connor Jackson

Best Sail Boat less than 32 feet: Pascal’s Wager, skippered by Lee Coller

Best Lighting: Proper Lady, skippered by Ronald Grassl

Best Sound/Music: Mottley Crew, skippered by Jack Mott

Best Costumes/Animation: Starlight JJ, skippered by Allen Duran

All photos by Brad Jacobson –