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April 28, 2014 civiccouch0

In today’s noisy and fragmented media environment, brands are increasingly turning to content marketing. Adding video enables brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level by offering experiences that encourage social sharing and help develop more lasting affinity for product and services.

With Civic Couch, companies can easily incorporate reliable, high-quality video into their content marketing initiatives, increasing the reach of their messages across devices, improving engagement with prospective customers, and strengthening customer loyalty.

Amplify your content marketing

  • Video is not only the most engaging storytelling medium, but it is also one of the most commonly searched for and shared content types on the Internet. Adding compelling high-quality video to content marketing programs and ensuring your content is optimized for search engines and social sharing helps to draw more visitors to your website and keeps them engaged for longer periods of time. 

Bring your product to life

  • It’s one thing to have pictures and text of your products on your website, it’s another to harness the power of video to bring your products to life and leave a lasting impression with potential customers. Civic Couch helps brands to deliver high-quality video on every screen, ensuring that your products are represented in the best light possible

Create custom branded online video experiences

  • Make a strong brand impression and control every aspect of the online video experience you deliver.  


We Can Deliver

  • Professional Grade Video
  • Distribution Assistance via Social Media, E-mail, Website Embedding and more
  • Communication Planning
  • Search Engine Marketing


April 28, 2014 civiccouch0

Video-based marketing is the use of pre-recorded video, animations, or presentations with audio that are uses for external prospect and customer communications. Videos can be used on third party sites, like video sharing sites and social networks, as part of the external web experience, or shared directly with prospects and customers.


  • Online shoppers who watch video spend two minutes longer on-site and are 64% more likely to buy. An engaging, branded online video experience with clickable calls to action can be highly effective for moving customers through the conversion cycle.

Improve SEO and site traffic

  • Video results appear in roughly 70% of the top 100 listings in search results. Jumpstart your customer acquisition and site traffic by making it simple for customers to find your brand and products during the awareness and consideration phases.

Reach viewers anywhere

  • Mobile video continues its massive surge as users rapidly adopt tablets and smartphones as mainstream devices for video viewing.  Reach any device or destination and deliver the best experience every time no matter the device.
  • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network
  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth
  • Over two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2018. Mobile video will increase 14-fold between 2013 and 2018, accounting for 69 percent of total mobile data traffic by the end of the forecast period. -Cisco

Increase ROI

  • Get more for your marketing budget by making every customer’s online experience more effective.  With our online video solutions, you can show your products in action so customers fully understand what they’re buying.


While marketing awareness is the most prevalent use case for video based marketing, companies are not only more likely to use video, they are increasingly more likely to use video throughout the buyer’s journey from awareness, to consideration, through to post-sales.

Every marketer knows how difficult it can be to rise above the noise, even with the most well-developed messaging. Your buyer is inudated with information and offers, the majority of which never get viewed. That’s why many marketers are incorporating video into their content based marketing repertoire.


April 26, 2014 civiccouch0

Hundreds of surfers, photographers, surf legends, family and friends gathered together on Saturday June 25th to honor the life of the Godfather of surf photography, Leroy Grannis. Paul Strauch, Steve Pezman, Don Craig, Mike Purpus, Nacio Feliz, Rabbit Kekai, Donald Takayama, Hap Jacobs and the two remaining members of the original Palos Verdes Surfing Club, Fenton Scholes and Dick Miney spoke in reverence of Grannis.

April 24, 2014 civiccouch0

Saturday was to be the Poop Deck’s 57th anniversary party, a Hermosa Beach tradition celebrated with Bud beers and a new patio mural by the Budweiser distributor’s artist, caricaturing The Strand bar’s regulars and staff. But three days before the party, instead of anniversary posters, Poop Deck owner Dorothy Zagozda was stapling signs to the front door that read, “Last Call, Saturday. April, 20. 9 a.m. to close.” The Poop Deck lost its lease last month to the owners of Uncorked, a wine tasting room up the street, on Pier Avenue. The new owners will offer local craft beers and fine wines, and promise to preserve the neighborhood bar spirit. They are shortening the name to The Deck.